Sorbete de pithaya = serious inspiration

Almost 2 months ago another blogger, India, who writes Bringing you Beirut ( somehow found my blog in the ether and gave me an award.  It was a very thoughtful shout-out and I have yet to recognize her or keep up my end of the deal! Namely, that I also share blogs that inspire me.

These aren’t personal blogs, but they do include personal writing, and make me feel connected to all the bigger things happening around the world.  And inspire me to think and write about them.

There’s a new online mag (not technically a blog) founded in order to create space for women writers.  It features work by a talented writer I know from Albuquerque, Molly Beer, and some other amazing nonfiction writers.  Also gorgeous photos. Vela Mag,

Global Voices compiles blogging analysis and wisdom from all over the world.  And translates it into 21 languages.  Find out what people from other countries think! A radical idea….

I just discovered  “Young feminists blogging, organizing, kicking ass.”  Nuff said.

And for my multilingual friends:

Two young Argentine radio producers travelling Latin America, “backpack radio” in tow, this blog tells their tales of the continent, including visits to community radio stations all over.  Proyecto Radio Mochila,

Two young French folks went around the world–by bicycle!  My friend and former colleague David met them when they stopped over in good ol’ Albuquerque.  They actually *just* arrived back in France a week ago,  a little over a year after beginning their trip.  La Caravane a Pedales,

Ok, I was supposed to include 7 blogs but have already bent the rules… In the interest of actually publishing this, I will add more as I am so inspired!


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3 responses to “Inspirations

  1. Good-on-ya, Sarita! and keep up the good works…

  2. Molly

    Sara! Thanks for the shout-out for Vela. Here’s a link for you if you’re looking for a great travel writing outlet (I did one Fall 2010 from Mexico–GREAT editor):

    ¡Buena suerte! I envy you!

    • Hi Molly! Yes I’d meant to find you after I found velamag, glad you found me first! Are you blogging? Please send links if so! And thanks for the rec, I’m not sure I’ll be able to apply this year because I’m heading back to NM July-ish, but it’s great to know about more opportunities for future adventures….

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