…in honor of World Water Day

The river at the swimming hole was blue-green, opaque in the deep pool but clear in the shallow gap above the second cascade.  A little crab blended in among the tawny rocks and tadpoles hovered in the eddy as I lingered on the edge.

Dry leaves from the oaks overhead twirled down like butterflies, casting shadows on the limestone.  Uncharacteristically, I jumped in without first feeling the water, craving the shock and exhilaration.

My feet never touched  bottom as the water rushed over me, pulsing and clean.  Each time I ducked under the surface I became the river: cold, force, motion.

I climbed up mossy rocks to feel the waterfall at my back, its rhythm shifting:  now hard on my middle spine, now splashing my head.

Baptism by falls.


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7 responses to “Interlude

  1. Hi,

    I am the publishing editor of 72&Rising Magazine, a magazine dedicated to all things water. The magazine covers everything from wildlife and conservation, science and research, people and cultures to photography, travel and adventure.

    We are currently in the process of redoing our website where we hope to have submissions from a wide range of people that love and are involved in water in all its forms. I recently came across your blog and wondered if you might be interested in contributing an article with images to our site? We would of course include a link back to your website.

    Many thanks

  2. Lisa Luttbeg

    Beautiful. I have been reading your blog…it’s great. It seems like you have had a meaningful and stimulating time in Nicaragua. I am living vicariously through your postings. Have you been able to contact Dennis Blandon? Safe and happy travels.

    • Hi Lisa,
      Glad you are reading and enjoying! There are still many more adventures for me in Nicaragua… including visiting Denis! I contacted him months ago and just haven’t made it up there…. it’s on the list, though, and I’ll let you know when I make the viaje!


  3. Hi Sara,

    Thanks for getting in touch. I have just actually had to take the website down for the swap over to the new site I’m afraid. Hopefully this won’t take too long and the new one can be up ASAP.

    You can have a look at a free issue of the actual magazine I publish by heading to ISSUU and searching for 72&Rising. I’ll send the direct link when I can.

    Many thanks

  4. mariajose

    Indescribably divine.
    Part of the appeal is the seclusion, but I was wondering where this swimming hole is located. Río Coco, perhaps, in or near el Cañón de Somoto?
    I’ll probably never go, but I’d like to know where it is.

    • Hmm, I guess I can divulge my secret! It’s in Miraflor, near Esteli. Locally called “Posa Redonda” though I think it has other names…. It’s well-known to locals though usually quiet since it’s a hike to get to from town or public transportation. I love Nica rivers for their swimmin’ holes, though, and have found other gorgeous spots!

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