Letys, consultant, after interviewing Maria for the sexuality project

I’ve been working with a radio project called “Ya no vamos a callar” or “We won’t be silent” that is broadcast in eight communities in northern Nicaragua.

The goal of the program is to reduce violence against women through education and empowerment.  Each month there’s a different theme–in March  the theme was the new law against violence against women, and in April it’s on political and civic participation.  The fourth show of the month is news, which is where I have been contributing most.

The show isn’t online yet so I’m uploading one of the most recent programs, all about adolescent sexuality.  In it, I report on a fascinating project to find out from children and adolescents what they know about sexuality.

Since the show is all in Spanish, I’m including a link to an article that I wrote about the project in English!

Click on the link below to listen:

“Ya no vamos a callar”: sexualidad adolescente

And here’s the link to the article in English:

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