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…in honor of World Water Day

The river at the swimming hole was blue-green, opaque in the deep pool but clear in the shallow gap above the second cascade.  A little crab blended in among the tawny rocks and tadpoles hovered in the eddy as I lingered on the edge.

Dry leaves from the oaks overhead twirled down like butterflies, casting shadows on the limestone.  Uncharacteristically, I jumped in without first feeling the water, craving the shock and exhilaration.

My feet never touched  bottom as the water rushed over me, pulsing and clean.  Each time I ducked under the surface I became the river: cold, force, motion.

I climbed up mossy rocks to feel the waterfall at my back, its rhythm shifting:  now hard on my middle spine, now splashing my head.

Baptism by falls.


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